Image Translation..

Back after a few months. I will try to be more regular from now on.. NIPS is coming up in a week or so. should be quite exciting. here is the schedule papers

here is an interesting paper from a week back.

Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks from Berkeley – Isola, Efros and team. Very nice work using Conditional GANs with a conditional GAN objective & an L1 term to provide a general framework that works for a set of image translation problems (day -> night, sketch -> photo, segmentation map -> image , b&w -> color , etc ) . They use U-nets for generation to exploit the structural similarities between input & output pair, and a “patchGAN” for the discriminator. Code is also available in Lua on Github. The effect/importance of the use of noise in this GAN implementation is unclear to me..


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